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Basketry Kits, Molds & Tools

Welcome to JoAnn's online catalog of black ash splint basketry kits.  These kits were initially made for students who had taken a workshop with JoAnn.

Beginner level basketry kits may be appropriate for those who have not yet studied with JoAnn, but have some previous basketry experience. 

Please note: due to the emerald ash borer which has been impacting black ash trees, we are increasing our splint and kit prices.

To ensure a positive basketmaking experience, the basketry kits are organized by skill level:

Each basketry kit contains clearly written instructions and all of the parts required to make the basket (black ash splint stakes and weavers, rims, handles, etc).  The mold is NOT included in the kit, but most molds are used to create several different baskets.

To place an order: complete the order form and mail it with a check to JoAnn Kelly Catsos, 29 Kellys Maple Ridge, Halcott Center, NY 12430 . Orders of splint and catalog items may be combined on the same order form. Contact JoAnn with questions.


NOTE: JoAnn frequently travels to teach classes and may be gone for several days or even weeks at a time. She will fill your order as soon as possible after she returns home. Also, please note that most kits are made to order and require a few days to assemble.

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