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The following tools are JoAnn's favorites for weaving.

To place an order: complete the order form and mail it with a check to JoAnn Kelly Catsos, 29 Kellys Maple Ridge, Halcott Center, NY 12430 . Orders of splint and catalog items may be combined on the same order form. Contact JoAnn with questions.

Weaving Stand and Post

Weaving on a wooden mold is made easier with the use of a hardwood weaving stand and metal post.  This weaving stand has 5 holes for ease in adjusting the position and angle of your mold while weaving. All molds feature a hole in the bottom to attach to a weaving post.  Use your own clamp to secure the weaving stand to your table or bench.

Weaving Stand: $15

Metal Post: $5

Aluminum Push Pins

These metal push pins are the best  to hold the basket on the mold during weaving.  The aluminum head has stainless steel shank.

 Package of 20.

Price: $8

Alligator clips

These 1" long alligator are just the right size for securing stakes in the final steps before rimming a basket.

Package of 12

Price: $8

Small Cable Ties

At 2 3/4" in length, these are the smallest plastic cable ties available, perfect to temporarily hold the rims on a small basket.

Package of 50.

Price: $8

"Fiskars" Soft-Grip Scissors

These are perfect for precision cutting with long blades and sharp tips. Total length is 6 1/4".


Price: $18

Sterling Packing Tool

These 6" long packing tools are made by Steve and JoAnn of sterling silver-plated dinnerware and feature a basketweave pattern on the handle. The pointed tip on the tool makes this just the right size for smaller baskets.


Price: $20


Also known as an emery board, this is 3/4" wide x 7" long, with both fine and medium grit.  It is used for sanding handles and rims (or for an emergency manicure).

Price: $2

Rubber Bands

Larger than household rubber bands, these are used to hold stakes against the mold while drying the basket.


Medium Rubber Band 

For use with Fishing Creel Mold, Berkshire Pack Mold, 2 1/2" Kittenhead Mold, 4" Knife Mold, 4" Mushroom Mold, 4" cathead Mold

  • 1/2" x 3 1/2"

       Price $1

Large Rubber Band 

For use with 6" Mushroom Mold, 6" Cathead Mold, 6" Tub Mold, 8" Knife Mold, Shaker Tray Mold, 9" Mushroom Mold

  •  5/8" x 7"

        Price: $2 

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